Creating questions in tests

stsy Community Member Posts: 28
Most of my questions that need to be placed in Lectora are already created in word format and read like

A person who advertises the rental of an apartment to married couples only is in violation of

1) Federal Fair Housing law.

2) Oregon law against housing discrimination.

3) Both 1 and 2.

4) Neither 1 nor 2.

To have to rework these into a CSV file would be more time consuming I believe that just doing a copy/paste into Lectora. I have tried to learn how to do the CSV process several times but it hasn't taken for me yet.

I have been using the trick of creating a "fill in the blank" question and then changing it to Multiple choice. There are a couple of changes to Lectora that would help speed up this process however. One would be to make the default number of questions for Multiple-choice 4 rather than 3. Would save a step. Better still rewrite the program to let us choose the default how many possible answers there will be. The ability to select and set Question Properties to Multiple Choice or Fill in The Blank rather than it always being True/False.

When it comes to choices after I have put in my question and possible answers it would be nice if "choices" would recognize that I have 4 choices rather than the default 3.

All of the above would speed up putting in questions about 20 to 30%. It is a very boring job at best and the faster it gets done the better.