Trying to use variables or something??

patrice Community Member Posts: 2

 If you want to loop back to the lesson, I would not recommend you do that in the typical pop-up window.  The reason is that a link in a pop-up window would take the student to that page -- in the pop-up window!  So I would recommend you not use the feedback option found in the question wizard.  Leave that option blank.

Instead, create your own submit button that shows messages on the question screen itself.

1. Place two text boxes on the question slide that are initially invisible.  One for the correct feedback and one for the incorrect feedback.  The one for the incorrect feedback would have a hyperlink to the page with the content.  (See option below).

2. Create a Submit button.

3. On the button's On Click tab, attach the action, process question.

4. Attach another action to the button.

Show correct answer > if the question is correct (condition tab) > otherwise show the incorrect answer (Else tab).

Option: The hyperlink method above gives the student the chance to go back or not.  If you want the student to be taken automatically, don't include the hyperlink. Instead, include text that tells them they will be taken back to the page with that content.  Then attach an action to that incorrect text box that says On show > Go to > Chapter, Section, or Page > page in question > delay of 3 second (or however long you think it needs to be).  There are actually a few different ways you can set this logic up -- this is just one of them.