Using javascript, how do i get the SCORM suspend data ...

mattperkins Community Member Posts: 17

With Lectora content, all suspend data is retrieved automatically when a variable is called from the course itself. For instance, if you have a Lectora variable named variable1 and it is set to be retained between sessions, any page where Lectora uses that variable for any purpose, the course will issue a LMSGetValue() command for the suspend data, which is the command you mentioned below. It will pull all the suspend data for each GetValue issued.

mattperkins said:Is there a standard variable that Lectora has for getting the suspend data? there's one for AICC_Lesson_Location and Status, but I don't see one for suspend data. Is it hidden? I can just call: LMSGetValue( 'cmi.suspend_data' ) But wanted to avoide it in case there was a more direct way. Another Q - can i add my own values to this w/o impacting how Lectora is using it?