Submit test to CGI program option for test Results Submission

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The CGI in this case is stated to mean a CGI program executed in Lectora real-time, so that it can output dynamic information. The purpose would be to transmit information from say, your Lectora test to a database for later retrieval or receive the information from the database into lectora and display them.

So Perl and ASP are used to do the above.

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rex176 said:I'm new to Lectora and am doing some longer term planning before actually embarking on a project. Of particular interest is capturing test results of a course residing on a web server (not an LMS). My specific question is this: Does "CGI" really mean "CGI" or is it being generically used to mean any server-side technology, such as PHP? The documentation includes a Perl example (which is really does use CGI) and an ASP example, which isn't really CGI, which prompts my question. Thanks.