How to get rid of these error messages?

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Thanks for the suggestions!

Publishing to a Separate Window solves my issue : ) BTW, most of our learners would use IE or FireFox.

Now for this comment:

"The only problem I've seen with this, though, is that when Internet latency increases, the LMSFinish may not save to the LMS before the course goes away. This can cause inconsistencies in the saving of suspend data. For this reason, some developers fire off an LMSFinish action manually off the exit button, with a delayed notification telling the learner to close the browser themself."

Does this mean that when the course is 'exited' using the Exit button, the data is not saved?

How long from the time the course is completed before data is sent to the LMS?

What would I set the LMSFinish action to (what information would I need to include)?