How to get rid of these error messages?

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The exit title/close window action in Lectora also submits an LMSFinish command to the LMS, which essentially tells it that the course is done communicating. The LMS will no longer accept communications from the course until it receives an LMSInitialize command, which occurs when the course is opened again. So, long story short, the error messages you're receiving are exactly what you should be seeing.

You did not say what browser you expect of your users, but we've found that selecting the "separate window" option that Ben alludes to will close the course window in both IE and Firefox when exiting. The only problem I've seen with this, though, is that when Internet latency increases, the LMSFinish may not save to the LMS before the course goes away. This can cause inconsistencies in the saving of suspend data. For this reason, some developers fire off an LMSFinish action manually off the exit button, with a delayed notification telling the learner to close the browser themself.

Ron said:

Hey Everyone!

Loaded course to LMS and ran it. Works if I go page by page. However, if I try to move forward and back after I hit the Exit button (which I don't think is set right as I didn't exit...though the action I set does say Exit Title/Close Window : ) or I try to close-out the program, I get the following errors:

LMSInitialize Error: General Exception

LMSSetValue Error: cmi.core.lesson_location to [a001_page_2.html]Not initialized

LMSSetValue Error: cmi.core.lesson_location to [a001_page_1.html]Not initialized

LMSSetValue Error: cmi.core.session_time [00:00:29]Not initialized

LMSCommit error: Not initialized

By clicking OK several times, I can eventually get out. I'm assuming that I did not set something correctly. What are the common things to look for that would cause these errors?