New 508 features and fixes in Lectora X

tanja Community Member Posts: 3
Some much-needed enhancements for creating 508-compliant content have been added to Lectora X. The following summarizes these enhancements:

* Buttons work!!!! Many of you are aware that buttons in Lectora were not able to be executed with the Enter key on your keyboard if a screen reader was running. We were able to work around these issues so that your buttons, images with actions, and other "clickable" objects can be executed using the Enter key while JAWS or other screen readers are running.

* A new, accessible video player that can support closed captioning has been added to Lectora X. The new FLV player is accessible to screen readers and supports the addition of closed-captioning XML files. Simply upload an XML file that designates the timing and content of the captions that should appear within the video. When the captions are displayed, screen readers will echo the displayed content. Your media must be in the FLV format. If it is not, and you want to take advantage of this feature, convert your media to the FLV format first.

* A new section of the Lectora Information Center provides how-to information and resources for developing 508-compliant content. Access the information center from the Help menu within Lectora, then select Contents. Many thanks to the CDC for their partnership in making various resources and information available to the public for FREE! The CDC has been using Lectora for years now and has been able to successfully create 508-compliant content using Lectora. Their wisdom in this area has been invaluable.

We recognize that there are still some outstanding issues with Lectora when developing 508-compliant content. We will continue to explore these issues and make attempts to further improve Lectora. Thanks to everyone who has contributed to this section of the forum/lounge. Your feedback has helped us identify the areas within Lectora that need improvement and we are doing our best to continually improve Lectora so that it can meet your 508 development needs.