Course not going to Completed

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Hi Ben


I'm realy sorry but I realised too late that I had posted it to wrong place.  I wasn't sure how to delete it, but I did put it in the general discussion forum and received some good feedback.  Apologies again for my stupidity.

thale said:I've created 11 modules and loaded them to LMS but 1 in particular will not go to Complete when the learner has finished. They are all set up in exactly the same way and published in the same way. This problem is intermittent also - all our employees are using IE6 to access this course, but it doesn't happen to all learners. Our colleagues in the US have also experienced the same problem. Could it be the naming convention of the course that is causing the problem (ie TZ0010b) - could it be the 'b' that is causing the problem. Sounds silly, I know but I can't think of anything else. I am using the latest version of Lectora.