Adding a Youtube video in Lectora v. 9.3

tmast Community Member Posts: 10
Can someone give me a little help on adding video in Lectora? It's a Youtube video I want to embed. A .flv file that looks / works great in the "Run" mode, but will not work when I publish as html. The course will ulitimately be AICC, but I can't test that without asking our LMS providor to upload.

Steps I took to add the video are:

Add - Object - Video - Standard - Import from file saved to my Real Player

(Youtube Streaming Video, does not work at all I just get the coutndown clock, but no video plays - the video is:

Blue Error check message = file size is 9905136 bytes in size

File compression is set to "High" for Video and Audio

I've been fighting with this for several days. Any suggestions / help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance.