Adjust Course Screen Size to Open in IE Without Having to Scroll

hamish Community Member Posts: 34

You might be able to add some external html coding in an external html object to try and adjust the window size. Lectora does not control the size of the window launched as that is controlled by the LMS. The LMS is the one launching the window, therefore it sets the size, whether scrollbars are present, toolbars are present, etc. If your LMS does not give you the option to change the launch size of the window, you can try the external html code option. As for creating a second window that Lectora would launch, you could do that as Lectora controls all the window attritubes of any window it launches, just like the LMS does on the initial launch, but you would lose the bookmarking functionality as bookmarking is only captured in the main window that the LMS launches, not any pop up windows. 

hamish said:I have a problem here. Our course is SCORM 2004 compliant. On launching the course, it opens in a new window (which we want), however, to be able to access the back and next buttons in the course, I need to scroll in IE, which is painful and not user friendly. Is there any way (publishing properties or any other) in which I can adjust my screen size to open in IE without having to scroll? My stage size is 1000 by 696. One thought is to add a launch page to open the course in a fixed window size rather than a default browser. Something like in Articulate, where it generates an HTML launch page from where the course opens in another window with a fixed stage size. Not sure if this will work and if Lectora will allow this.