scoring survey results in Lectora

jcohen Community Member Posts: 13

I saw this discussed a few months ago in "Topic: sum of two variables: whats the formula" but I'm a beginner and would appreciate if someone could help me out. I have a one page survey. It has 7 questions (a Likert table) each with 5 radio buttons. Therefore each question has a variable that gets the value "never", "rarely" etc.

I wanted to give each selection a number score, then total and display at the bottom of the page. So I was going to create a variable TOTAL, create an action on each radio button that adds a number to the TOTAL, then have an action at the end, that displays the total. However, if the person changes their selection or clicks multiple times, the total number will be inaccurate.

The alternative I considered was using the DONE button to "trap" or "capture" the results of the survey only when the user officially submits it. Thats where I get lost. How do I create the button, which initializes the DONE variable at zero, then goes through each radio button and "polls" for its respective value, adding on as we go? I can't figure how to get a sequence of actions. And do I want to "submit/process the survey" or is that unnecessary? Another problem - the survey itself has a property "when completed" and it insists on going to the next page. Or should I make this survey questions but not in the framework of a official "survey" chapter?

Please help!


Jeff Cohen