Capture student name for Final Test

jrh602 Community Member Posts: 7

Thanks so much for responding to my post.  I almost think that would work, but my problem would be that I need my results page to display all of the student's answers to the quiz questions (and preferably whether they are right or wrong).  I know that the quiz properties has a check box to allow this in the Lectora generated results page.  So, is it possible to have my created results page display each answer to the quiz question OR is it possible to have the Lectora generated pop-up result page display the student name (even if I don't have the results being sent to an email OR CGI script)?  I hope that makes sense.

jrh602 said:How difficult is it to build a variable to capture the users name so that it will automatically save as part of the results page (that pops up at the end of the quiz)? This course will be a computer-based training and NOT tied to an LMS. I saw that it will automatically prompt for the name if I set it up to email the results, but because a MAPI email program isn't available, it gives an error message. Is it possible to have the name captured on the results without checking the "email" option? All suggestions are welcome and appreciated!