Hyperlinks not opening in new window on LMS

davidm Community Member Posts: 14
In our course, we have a 'Resources' page that opens in a new window from the course. But when you click on any of the hyperlinks on that page, the website opens in the same (Resources) window. Therefore, users have to close that window & open up the Resources page again to access any of the other links. Any advice?

We have 20+ hyperlinks on this page and only 1 of them opens in a new window but we cant replicate it. All of the links have the action to open in a new window. We have tried doing different methods like typing text then adding hyperlinks and also adding a button that goes to a webpage but neither seem to work.

I have used hyperlink in previous courses with no problems so I am confused as to why it wont work now! We are using version 9.2

Thanks in advance