Closing Popups, Part 2

sjc Community Member Posts: 66

Back on a thread from 12 Nov, Ben Pitman gave some great advice to Gary J on closing popups using onBlur. Unfortunately, it must have too many moving parts for me to understand because I can't get it to work.


Here's what I have:

1) A parent page that opens a child page (as a New Browser Window, sized to be a "popup").

2) An External HTML Object on the child page ("Other" with just the "" statement).


Here's what I get:

1) In Run and Debug modes, the child popup displays on top of the parent but doesn't close (it just disappears behind the parent).

2) In Preview in Browser mode, the child popup does not display and I get an error that the child HTML file cannot be found.


OK, I'm ready, give it to me straight. What (and how many) things am I doing wrong here?