Left Nav Menu AND Click-to-Reveal question(s)

gaelic Community Member Posts: 3
I have two questions, but I think they may have similar solutions.

1) I have built a left nav menu that mirrors the chapters in my title. I want the menu names to always be visible, but when the user clicks one or another of the names, content relating to that name appears to the right of the menu. The user could get to that content by clicking "next" as well, but the menu is meant to anchor or bookmark the chapters. What action to I need to apply to each menu so that the appropriate content is revealed when a word is clicked, but the other words stay present?

2) Likewise, I have a page that has five different sections of content. I want to build a 'click-to-reveal' activity so that when the user clicks on one box, certain information appears, but the information associated with the other four sections on the screen can't be seen. Then, the user either closes that information and clicks on something else, or they click next and move on. What action do I need to apply for this to occur?

FYI -- I'm a new Lectora user and have no Flash-programming experience.