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Publish Settings for Linear Navigation

hamish Community Member Posts: 34

If you are using a menu, then things are a lot easier. Doing it with transparent buttons will work but a bit of trouble. If it were me, I would create one group for each menu selection and the selection would run that group. Each group would contain just one action with a condition on it something like this:

General Tab: Action: Go To (desired page)
Condition Tab: Test a variable that is set to 1 after the chapter is complete
Else tab: Display a msg that the previous chapters must be completed first.

Also, you could get by with just one variable for all chapters instead of a different one for each chapter. Instead of Setting the variable to 1, add a unique letter for each chapter - Add "a" for the first chapter, "b" for the second chapter, etc. Then the Condition Tab tests to see if the variable Contains a specific letter instead of being equal to some value.


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