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This is my example of how I made this work. My version has several steps and someone may have a way of shortening it but it worked in my course. I wanted my users to be click on all of my images before the next button appeared.

Have the Next button initially invisible.

I created a user defined VAR for each of my image/button set at an initial value of 0

Then on each of my image/buttons I set actions. I did this same action on all of them on the page.
On click
Modify Variable
Value 1

Then because I didn't know which order people would be clicking the images/buttons I also set another action to show my next button. The key here is you have to do it on each image/button so that when it hits all of the VARs the next button will show.
On Click
Show Next
SET CONDITIONS: (make sure to add all of the VARs you created)
Only perform if all of the following are true
VAR_name is Equal To 1

Hope it helps.

Bege90 said:I would like to know how to hide my next button until all of the buttons have been pressed on my page. I tried creating the variable contain/does not contain but it will not appear even after I have clicked on each button. Any suggestions?