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Problems with Multiple actions in HTML

roxannee Community Member Posts: 21
In one of my courses, I have created a pop-up table, with a bunch of headings in the left column, and a space for the corresponding pop=up in the right column. Click on a left column heading, and the correct description pops up. Click on another left column heading, and it closes the first description and opens the new one. All of the right column pop ups are narrated, and I've added the appropriate actions to stop old audio/close old description, launch new audio/launch new description...and it all works great if published to an EXE file, or if I publish it to HTML and run those HTML files from my computer. But as soon as I copy those HTML files to a CD, or my client uploads them, these tables no longer work...either the popups don't work, or they get an error saying the page cannot be found. Any ideas?
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