Built in Hidden Help Panel within Course

When a course starts to have run into issues on a student's computer, I'm called in to help debug what's going on. I'll remotely connect to the student's computer to see what's going on and see if we can replicate what's going on. Sometimes it's a technical issue, and sometimes it's an issue with how I programmed the course to interact with variables. I've started to build a hidden "help" page into my courses. I build one page that is not part of the normal course structure and is not included in any menus or the TOC. On this page I put a button that Resets all Variables, and a TOC that allows me to jump to any page within the module. Then at the course level, I add an Action that says on Keystroke, go to Help page. I set the keystroke to F7 as this keystroke isn't used by our browser. I also include a button with a "go to previous" command that allows me to return to the previous page.

While this is helpful, I'd love to see Trivantis build a standard help page that includes a couple of additional features:

--> Automatically list all of the variables that are used in the current title, along with the current value of the variables after the student interacts with the course. I could build this manually for each course, but having it built automatically would ease the course building process.

--> Automatically list all tests in the course, the student's score, and the students answers to individual questions.

--> Browser name and version being used by student.

--> Current screen resolution

--> Version number of whatever plugins are installed (Flash, Shockwave, etc.)

I know these last three data pieces can be accessed manually when interacting with a student's computer, but having them in one place would ease the troubleshooting process.