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Rounding to 4 decimal places

jwest77 Community Member Posts: 13

So, rarely do I back down from a challenge, and I have found a way to display a number to 4 decimal places.  You can see the guts within the file I uploaded called "rounding exercise.awt."

Note that I put a condition on the "Round lefthand" action.  If there is enough of a number after dividing by 10,000, then that number is used for the lefthand side.  If not, then it is blank.

I have not messed with the righthand side much, but I think I can guarantee some rounding issues if the number ends in one or more zeroes.  You'd have to fine-tune the conditions...perhaps use Action Groups.

This is not the best way to display the number (at least, I hope not!), but it may do in a pinch.  Once again, it hopefully will provide a springboard that gets you closer to the true answer.


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