Responsible Parenting

sjc Community Member Posts: 66

I'm having problems running a specific set of actions after jumping back to a calling parent-page from a child-page. I can call the child-page, perform its tasks, and get back to the parent-page just fine, Unfortunately, I can't run the specific actions in the parent-page that followed the call to the child-page.

Here's what I'm trying to do:



- Student answers question (drag and drop in this case).

- Student clicks [SUBMIT] and parent-page evaluates the answers, displays correct/incorrect symbols, and jumps to child-page (sized as a feedback box).


Child-Page (as feedback box)

- Student textual feedback is displayed (based on answer evaluation).

- Student reads feedback and clicks "Close" hyperlink that closes the child-page to jumps back to parent-page.



- Debug mode shows me that the parent-page is accessed again but no actions -- either those located at start of the page or those immediately following the [SUBMIT] button action -- are performed.


Now, after returning to the parent-page, the student -can- continue with their second attempt at answering the question (dragging and dropping answers and clicking [SUBMIT]), so nothing is locked up.

My best guess is that Lectora returned to where it left off in the parent-page (that is, when the student first clicked the [SUBMIT] button and jumped to the child-page) and is waiting for further student input.

How do I get the parent-page to act responsibly and run a specific group of actions?