Responsible Parenting

sjc Community Member Posts: 66
Lectora generates HTML which is run by the browsers. Your excellent description is exactly how the browser should act. When the parent page is loaded it runs all its actions. Then it is done. The student takes over clicking and dragging. The SUBMIT launches a new window which does NOT affect the already finished parent page so nothing will ever happen the way you have it set up. You have two choices.

1. Instead of launching the feedback in a new window, Go To the feedback page. Then when they click the DONE button on that page, it does a Go To Back which relaunches the parent page firing the On Show actions for the page.

2. You can use a variable to monitor the popup. In the Parent you have an On Timer action that checks the variable every 0.5 secs to see if it has changed. In the Child window you have a page level action to set the variable to 1 On Hide. For more details, see the working example in my free Tips & Tricks Toolkit.