done button on test not working

jcohen Community Member Posts: 13

I've just set up my first test, and the Last Test Page automatically created a button called Done, which is set to process the test and give feedback. It works perfectly in Run Mode, but when I publish to HTML the Done button does nothing. I asked support, they said I did everything correctly. I asked my in-house intranet person, he said the javascript code looks likes something is wrong with it. Has anyone ever had this problem and how did they resolve it? Thanks, Jeff


  • amwdmw
    amwdmw Community Member Posts: 97
    I am having this same issue....I have a course that was originally created as a Scorm course...but I now need an html version only for another group of people.  So, I duplicated the title, took out all of the AICC/CMI variables, etc....and published using the Offline Zip File publish method.  This would create the output into html pages....which the end users could open in Explorer, etc...

    The test works fine....until I get to the Done button.  I click the button, and it just sits there.  It never does the "On Pass" or "On Fail" action associated with the Test.  When I take the test in Run Mode/Preview Mode, however, it's fine.

    Thoughts?  Heeeeellllpppp...