only reset specific variables

julee Community Member Posts: 49

Hi Pumpy: I used f5 cause I wanted to restart my animation while testing the chapter. It migth be right that my user doesn't use f5 anyway, but what if....wanna try to solve those problems beforehand or am I to fussy?

Anyway - it's always like this. You have a question, choose the answer, go to next page and for some reason go back to the previous page - the answer is still selectet. That's odd. Do I always have to tell Lectora to reset buttons, checkboxes, etc.?


He Ben: What do you mean with "reset the form"? I use the action "reset all variables" and put it directly on the page. Is there any difference between using forms and my way? But - if I go your way what about running my course online - do I need more time to load a page, if I use a lot of objects?