Modify Page Number Variables

barbo Community Member Posts: 21

create 2 actions above the 'set label equal to page' action.

in the first one, create the myNewPageNumber variable:

on show

modify variable

target: new variable ("myNewPageNumber" or name it whatever you want, initial value 0)

value: VAR(PageInTitle)

type: set variable contents


do the same for the second action, but name it something different, and the value will be VAR(PagesInTitle)


now, beneath those two new actions, create two more. these will modify the new variables, making the adjustments you need:

on show

modify variable

target: myNewPageNumber

value: 1

type: subtract from variable


do the same for the myNewTotalPages variable you created, change the value to 17.


now, put it all together:


on the 'add current page' action, change the value from VAR(PageInTitle) to VAR(myNewPageNumber). on the 'add total pages' action...guess what we do?