Modify Page Number Variables

barbo Community Member Posts: 21

 Yes. it can be done that way for many courses but sometimes, chapters and sections are both used to organize content. In this case, the course was already complete when the client wanted to make the changes with the page numbering.

Frankly, I think it's really cool that actions and variables can make this work!

Thanks for your interest and your comments. I look forward to buying your books too.

barbo said:

I have a relatively short but complex course. I want to use page numbering by title. I want to begin on page 2 and end on page 19 (of 36 total pages). I'd like the page numbering to say "Page 1 of 19" etc. Can someone tell me how to modify the variables to make this work?

I'm willing to start with page 1 on the title page if that can't be accomplished but I'd still like to control the value of 'n' to be 19.