Modify Page Number Variables

barbo Community Member Posts: 21

 I got it to work!

Many thanks... I had to try it a couple times until I figured out what I initially did wrong. Also, I was totally surprised when it actually worked so obviously I don't yet understand 'why'. Thinking 'variables' has always been somewhat of a mystery to me but it's very exciting to see this working.

barbo said:

I have a relatively short but complex course. I want to use page numbering by title. I want to begin on page 2 and end on page 19 (of 36 total pages). I'd like the page numbering to say "Page 1 of 19" etc. Can someone tell me how to modify the variables to make this work?

I'm willing to start with page 1 on the title page if that can't be accomplished but I'd still like to control the value of 'n' to be 19.