This may be termed as a Lectora bug!

vinayakk Community Member Posts: 46

That is not a bug ... it's that you are using the demonstration copy of Lectora.  If you have a registered version of Lectora, that popup will not appear.

vinayakk said:

I am using trial version of Lectora to learn a few fundamentals about it. When I publish my course in HTML and launch it, the 1st thing that appears in browser is this popup as shown below: (this appears on top of everything)


Unless I click 'OK' on this popup nothing on the screen is clickable. Everything up to this point is correct. But....

If I embed SWF in my first page and launch the course the same popup is not visible because SWF is launched at the highest depth above this popup and I am not able to click this 'OK' button nor I am able to move forward as whole screen is disabled.

Can Lectora guys take care of this in their next version and inform us so!