Let's Brainstorm Game Ideas/Themes!

tecocat Community Member Posts: 416 ✶ Headliner ✶

After you've been creating e-courses for the same audience for a while, one of the hardest things about creating e-learning review games can be thinking of a new idea/theme for one (at least in my experience). Since this is a tips-exchange area, I thought maybe we could share ideas/themes we've used (or seen) for e-learning review "games." I'll start the list and y'all can add to it...

* Jeopardy-type games Racing games (cars, horses, etc.)

* Crossword puzzle Hangman (with quiz questions, not letters/words)

* Battleship-type games (get to take a "shot" for each correct answer)

* Shooting games (correct answers bounce around and you have to click on them)

* Tic-tac-toe type games

* Adventure mazes (can be realistic, like a job simulation, or fantasy-type)

* Millionaire-type games (I haven't used these yet, because I can't figure out how to ensure they get to do enough questions, given the way the game is set up to end kind of abruptly... Anyone know how to restructure this to solve that problem?)

* Sports themes (football, baseball, etc.)

* Picture reveal (can be a Concentration-type game with matching pairs or just getting to pick a part of the picture to reveal when you get a correct answer)