Fullscreen Video from Flash/XML in Lectora

larriveejp Community Member Posts: 6

You may need to add the Parameter "allowfullscreen" to the flash files properties in lectora and set its value to "true". I haven't tried this but usually the parameter is what allows/disables fullscreenmode.

As far as the .xml file goes...it seems the relative URLs you can use inside flash to get a swf to work while devloping it are different than the URLs you need to have to make the same SWF work once inside of Lectora. I am currently trying to figure out where files need to live in the published course structure in order to be accessed by flash once the title is published as well.

It just seems really lame that you can preview a course and have the flash work fine (goes and pulls in and loads your external images/videos/etc) but once you publish the course the flash can no longer find those files. Seems really, really, really lame.

I imagine maybe they all have to be added through the "Additional files" tab??, but that seems like it could get tedious depending on how many external vids/images you have. I had made a subfolder inside my title's images folder called pix, which i added images to manually for reference by flash, and when publishing to HTML or SCORM, this folder does not get copied over. Why not?