Issue with Grouping Questions

merceg Community Member Posts: 107 ♪ Opening Act ♪

Running into a strange problem here that I have not had before with trying to group some questions on a page into a single Quest Group. I am using the latest version of Lectora 9 with latest service pack. I have tried rebuilding the page, creating a new program, exporting to XML and back in and reinstalled Lectora all to no avail. Anyone else having issues with grouping questions on a page? I am creating a jeopardy program and have successfully done this in the past but now the option is grayed out when you select the questions and right click to group them, and when I insert a group object and then try to drag and drop the questions into it, they just bounce back onto the page where they were and don't move. Very strange behavior! Any ideas because I have run out of them at this point after trying everything I know to do?

One footnote, it will let me group anything else on the page, just not the questions.