Does anyone from Trivantis reply in these forums?

moxx Community Member Posts: 4

Trivantis employees will respond to some of the threads on here but this is not a substitute for getting support from Trivantis. This is a social forum for individuals using Lectora and Coursemill to help one another. If you have issues and your support package is up to date, you need to contact Trivantis Support at supp[email protected] or call them at 513-852-6700 with any questions you have. Again, someone from Trivantis may occasionally jump on here to answer some questions but those who contact Trivantis Support always get priority for their issues. Also, there is no time frame as when a question would get answered from someone at Trivantis on here since this is a social forum for users to help one another and share ideas. If you have any additional questions regarding the forum, let us know. Also, for those who read this, please do not send Lectora or Coursemill support questions using the Feedback button on this site. That is for our web admins to get feedback and issues with this site only and support will never see those questions. If you need Lectora or Coursemill support, use the methods I mentioned above.


Moxx said:I have browsed through many threads in this forum and I don't think I have seen 1 reply made by someone from Trivantis. That is kind of odd...and disappointing. Do they read/reply to these forums or is this mainly for customers???