Using Cue Points

afzalraza Community Member Posts: 114

Hi Friends, I want your inputs in regard of a situation that i often encounter while using cue points with FLV audios in Lectora. For example, suppose I'm using an FLV audio in one of my Lectora pages. I've inseted 6 cue points in the audio and with those cue points I'm showing the on screen text as well as the corresponding images on the page in a sequenced order. At the end of the audio, I'm showing a Reply button clicking which the audio can be replayed.

Now, here I need your suggestion regarding how to show the content of the page when I replay the audio. More precisely, when I click the audio, I want to begin the page from scratch. One approach I can do here is to reload the page on clicking the Replay button. However, I don't want to refresh the page as reloading the page refreshes it everytime you click the Replay button. Another approach I can follow is to hide the everything that is visible on the page when I click the Replay button so that they will appear again in sequence with the cue points of the audio. In this case you have to write a hide action for every item that is visible at the end of the audio. It might become cumbersome if the number of cue points increases for the page.

So, is there any other way by which I can accomplish this task? Waiting for your valuable suggestions.