Test Buttons Don't Display - Sometimes

2hawks Community Member Posts: 64
This wbt has 6 chapters, with a quiz at the end of each. To continue to the next content chapter, a 75% accuracy or better must be achieved. However, my reviewers tell me that they don't see the NEXT button at the end of the quizes.

>I can see them< on my screen from inside the company. I can see them from outside the corporate environment in IE 6, IE 7 and IE 8, and in Firefox.

Lectora version: 9.3 Enterprise Edition

Anybody got ideas and can help troubleshoot? Here's a link to the final question of the first quiz: https://www.e-clinicalappliedtech.com/EDC_Training/CRA_IFv4.5_v2bChapters/chapter_1_knowledge_check_question_4_tf.html

There are a BACK and NEXT button, and they are abnormally high on the page on purpose.