Creating own buttons for Button Wizard - how do I tell it what to do?

amccloud Community Member Posts: 8

For a while I have been creating my own buttons and adding the images in the button properties to make it animated. I just figured out that I can make animated buttons and add them to the Button Wizard. But I can't figure out how to tell it that the "back" button means go to previous page. (Obviously, I know I can do that when I place the button on the page but I'm looking for a more automated approach so that once the button is in my Wizard, every time I add it to any tutorial, it knows that it goes to previous page). I hope that makes sense.

For those that don't know, here is what I've done this far: Found button icons that I like from a stock art web site. Using Photoshop, I made an animated gif with three frames (full color for normal state image, and then a gray version for the hover and clicked version). Save for web (gif) with the frame setting at "once." Then I located the clip art images in the Lectora file directory (on my computer: C:Program FilesTrivantisLectora Professional Publishing SuiteClipArtMultiframe Buttons). I added a folder for my custom buttons. You can see in the Lectora folders they have "lt" and "dk" folders for light and dark background. I chose not to do this at this point (still figuring it all out). So I put my four sample .gif buttons (back, forward, home, and close) in the new folder I created. Then I went to Lectora and was able to access those buttons through the Button Wizard.

NOW.... I just want it to know that "back" means to go back, etc. How do I get that associated action into the Wizard? Thanks!