FREE collaboration tool for fellow Lectora Designers/ Developers

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Many instructional designers have provided feedback outside of Lectora Lounge. Has anybody tried the FREE application since posted on Lectora Lounge, and want to provide feedback? 


chuck51 said:

Offering a totally FREE tool that has received RAVE reviews from SMEs, Client Managers, Instructional Designers and Developers. Entirely free, no strings attached. I decided to make it available to everyone. Share it with unlimited SMEs, and have a most efficient project management experience.

View the demo. Requires audio.

You can get download information from the website...

Once that you have run the application, note that many of the features are located in the System Tray, including exiting the application. Downloading the user manual might not be necessary because it is so easy to use, but will show you more easily where specific functionality resides. If you have any problem at all running the application, email me [email protected] I would be happy to assist. Thanks Chuck Nealis