Buttons toggle effect?

kasaer Community Member Posts: 16

You will have to create two sets of buttons.  One for on, one for off.  On button will be on top.  Off will be on the bottom.  Same x , y coordinates.

Create an action group which hides ALL your on buttons call it master hider.

When user clicks "Button 1 Off"  buttons you will run two actions 

1) run the action group master hider. 

2) Then run show Button 1 On (for that on state)


Do this for all your buttons button 1 - N.

Additionally , you can also add a content box for each button, then add those content boxes to your master hider and add another action to each off button to show the related content box (content box 1), etc


kasaer said:Trying to create buttons/tabs that will be clicked and display content. Allowing the users to go through the buttons and them being able to toggle between on and off. I can do this in flash, but how can I use a trick to do it in Lectora? Thanks!