Lectora and LMS

bcon Community Member Posts: 14

 Every LMS has a set of values that are used to set the completion/incomplete states within the LMS. From what I have seen the most frequently used options are pass/fail, complete/incomplete and complted/incomplete, it all depends on what LMS you are using.

IF you are providing the user the option of selecting etiher Agree or Disagree I would set up a button that exeuctes two actions on each option. For Agree the first action is to set the completion flag to the correct value followed by another flag to exit the course, and for the Disagree the first action would be to set the incomplete flag then exit.

This way your user can't change their mind and you get the value recorded in yoru LMS that they selected.


bcon said:One final question. I am doing a course and at the end is an acknowledgement page that the participants must choose "I agree" or "I disagree". It needs to be communicated to the LMS the answer that is selected. So far the LMS just reports "completed" or "incomplete". Is this an issue with Lectora or the LMS? If with Lectora, how do I get it to communicate to the LMS whcih answer the user selected? Thanks!