Feedback on test questions (Urgent Question)

bcon Community Member Posts: 14

Argh. I really dislike this new forum. Anyhow, what version of Lectora? Are you putting any apostrophes or other illegal characters in your feedback? Try removing any illegal characters from one of your questions and trying again. I think this problem was first noticed in Lectora 2008 but has since been fixed, but worth a shot. If not, try Ben's approach of exporting to XML and reimporting to a new title. If that doesn't work, try troubleshooting to pin down the problem - build a new test, new question, and add feedback first time. If that doesn't work, build a new title and test out one question in there. Good luck.

bcon said:Hello, I am trying to get a project done for a client and have run into a major snag! They want feedback after every question to pop up after the user clicks "next question". I click on the option "Show Feedback" and then I type my message in the feedback text area. When I go to preview my question in a browser, everything is all screwed up. All my images for the page are gone, the question itself is all over the place, and I am pulling my hair out. I get the same result when it is previewed in my clients LMS. When I remove the text from the feedback text area and then test it in the browser and LMS, everything is perfect! All the elements on the page are in the correct spot and it looks nice. So, why when I type in the feedback text area does it not view properly in the browser or in the LMS? HELP HELP HELP!