Best way to "hide" a page in course flow

krvenick Community Member Posts: 31


The way that I do this, is to place the chapter that has all my popups at the end of my awt.

For example.

Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Chapter 3

Test - Assessment

Chapter - Survey

Chapter - Certificate

Chapter - Popup

Then I make sure that there are no navigation for the popup pages and only links from the required pages that use the Popup chapter. As you stated you remove it from the TOC.

Hope this helps.


krvenick said:I have a page I am using for a pop-up window. I added a section to one of my chapters and it only contains this one page. I removed it from the TOC, but what is the best way to keep it out of page-by-page navigation? I thought to replace the target on the next and previous pages before and after this one, but is there some better, more elegant way? Thanks! KenV