Multiple pop-up windows issue

eamon Community Member Posts: 42

I'm not a coder so I don't know the technical reasons, but I know well enough for this discussion. When you create a new window, you are giving it a name "Popup Window", and when published to HTML and someone opens a new window, it creates an object called "Popup Window". If this object is not closed by the user and you have not told Lectora to create a new name, the next time the user opens a new window, HTML will put that content into the object that's already opened. However, if you give the new windows different names, it opens a new object each time a new window is requested. If you name it "Sam", it won't try and force "Mark" content into the "Sam" window. Does that make sense? It is for this reason that I name my new windows based on the content they are presenting. The names I normally use are PDF, Viewlet, and HTML. I also have different settings for each window. In PDF, the top two checkmarks are blank, and the bottom four are checked; for Viewlets, all checkmarks are checked; for HTML, all checkmarks are blank. This way, if a user leaves a new window open and opens another window with similar content, it will be viewed in the way that I desire. Otherwise, if I have everything checked with no toolbars, etc., and they go to the Internet, they are not able to navigate. Probably way too much info, but there you go.

eamon said:Hi- I'm using Lectora 9.3. I just came accross an issue that I never noticed before any insight would be appreciated. I have several courses that need to launched via html. I have one page with all course titles and these title link (open in new window) to the web address of the other courses. This works fine but any pop-up windows (open in new window) with the course it links to will not work. They do open thew desired page but not in a new window. I have replicate this error by creating a new course with multiple pop-ups. It seems for some reason that you can't have "layers" of pop-up windows that open in new windows? You can have the first which works fine but after that all pop-up windows will open in the initial course window. This is not the case for Web 2.0 pops, these work fine but I can't use them for some of the courses. Any ideas???