Controlling Flash with EI

approg Community Member Posts: 258 ♪ Opening Act ♪

This has been driving me crazy all morning. I'm using AS2, but still can't get a Lectora flash command action to set a variable in flash. This is with a paramater allowScriptAccess set to always (Why isn't this an option in the Lectora drop down menu???).

I tried what you all are discussing using SWFobject (assuming is what you're refering to), but it only works in IE and not in FF. Apart from that, the div appears in the upper left corner of the page and won't respond to any CSS I add to move it.

And even if I can eventually get all that to work, I'm still stuck with some captivate generated SWFs that use a button to call trivNextPage() at the end. Can you somehow call functions using SWFobject the same way you can set variables?