Help! How to change the font in a feedback pop-upbox

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I'm guessing you are using Web 2.0 style pop-ups? If that is the case, Lectora generates an .css file called 'dialog.css' . Here the style is defined that controls the Web 2.0 style pop-up. You can find it in the folder where you publish your HTML. If you export as a SCORM package you have to unzip it and you can find the file in the HTML folder. Edit it and zip it again.

You can change the font by opening the dialog.css file in a texteditor or in an editor like Dreamweaver.

Look for:

.DLG_innerDiv{ /* This div is the parent parent element of window elements such as tabs, content and status bar, i.e. the primary main parent element for a window */


You can add the following line of code to this block just above the line "position:relative;" on a new line.


Or whatever other font you want like Trebuchet or other...!

Save the file as dialog.css and you should be done.

However, I havn't managed to change the font size...

Good luck!