Hiding elements

gromar Community Member Posts: 6
I would like to propose, in my opinion, a useful solution.

It would be helpful, if one could hide chosen elements while creating a screen.

My suggestion is that every element in the left organization panel (where one organizes the course structure) should possess not only the icon of the object type (e.g. a button, a picture) but also it should possess an icon (e.g. the shape of an "eye") which pressed woudl cause that the element would stay in the structure, being only hidden in the content window during production of a course.

Hiding of the element wouldn't influence its publication in a course.

An example:

I often create the course map on the top and it is later on inherited by all the lower screens.

Actions control the hiding and appearing of the map. Unfortunately, as the map has to be always on top, it covers the content of screens, which makes the process of producing a course quite difficult. If it was hidden during creating a course, it would solve the problem.