Multi-branching simulation

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akzme2 said:I am building a mult-branched simulation for soft skills training. The scenario overview is the employee will walk through the "cold call introduction process" at a prospect. They will be greeted with a video character and then a list of potential questionscomments will appear. They then will select the option they would like to and they will go to that page for the next step. There will be a multitude of paths to take within the simulation. Sounds pretty simple at this point. The difficult part for me to get my hands on is the scoring mechanism. I want to score, with a numerical value, each selection based on when and where in the process it is selected. And I also want to provide feed back to the employee based on his/her selections. Before I embarke on a series of trial and errors, I thought I would pick the collective brains of the community for best practices and tips. Thanks for the help, Michael

Kevin, I like the idea of creating chapters for sim. paths, but the design of my simulation allows for multiple paths off of each potential selection and is not in a liniar format. I have uploaded an example Visio dagram .pdf to give the general idea of how this should work.

Thanks for the input.