Multi-branching simulation

akzme2 Community Member Posts: 45

I would still use sections, I think.  The alternative would be to just lay out all 50+ pages and then jump back and forth between them like a Choose-Your-Own-Adventure book. 

Really, having sections does not eliminate that, but it may help organize the jumps.  You can name a section, "Irate at pricing."  You could even group the sections into chapters.  So, maybe you have a "Pricing" chapter with a section for "Irate", "Indifferent", etc. 

Another reason I like the sections idea is that it lets you use multiple pages for it.  Sometimes, you want to convey something that takes more than one page.  You could use up pages 23 through 27 to convey that, but then you have to make sure you don't accidentally cram a page in the middle (where goto Next would normally make sense).  By having sections, you have the opportunity to add as many pages as you want without restricting yourself to having only one topic per page.

You might be able to clean things up by having a final page in each section dedicated to nothing but navigation.  It's actually entirely blank, but you place all your Actions there.  You run the Actions On Show.  Then, you use your conditions to run the correct Action Group (and probably add to or change the appropriate variables).  That way, you could probably just copy the Actions page to other sections and manipulate them...almost like an Action Group template.  And if you want to add more pages to the end of the section, you don't have to worry about having to move all those actions to the new last page.  Furthermore, if it's blank, then you will be able to spot errors in the programming pretty easily.


Anyway, just some more random thoughts.  I'd still go with sections...if only because it can still provide the same functionality as having multiple pages, but it gives you some flexibility if you need to expand.