Multi-branching simulation

akzme2 Community Member Posts: 45

The reason I suggested sections is that you can branch to another section by doing a Go To Section action.  So, each of your boxes consists of whatever pages you need to convey that idea.  Then, the last page has a navigation that goes to different sections. 

Normally, such branching would be done in phases, such as Choice 1, Choice 2, Choice 3, etc.  Your flowchart mostly indicates this, though I do see an instance of 3 going to 4 by way of another box.  This can be its own section as well.

In each section, you can create a page that adds to the final score.  So, maybe the learner does well at first, getting +1 to his score, but he then changes to bad choices, getting -1 to his score.  The final result may end up being about 0, which is also the same score a mediocre choice would warrant.  But you can choose to show feedback for the choices that gained -1.