SCORM export, scoreable test

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 It appears that the test (if you have one) is not flagged to be scored or included in the overall score for the course. Go into the Properties of the test and check the settings of the Results tab.

In case you do not have at test in your course, go to the last page of the course that the user will see and put in an action to manually set the AICC_SCORE variable to 100 (or whatever passing value you want). This action must be done before you set the completion variable for the course or it most likely will not complete in the LMS. 

hope this helps.

rene50 said:

Hi, I'm trying to export my Lectora 2009 course as a SCORM, so I can use it in Moodle. I get the message:
"The test (a001_test_1) must be scoreable to be automatically included in the results submitted to SCORM/AICC".
I can't find out how to fix this. Can anyone help me out? Regards, Rene