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Hi, I'm trying to export my Lectora 2009 course as a SCORM, so I can use it in Moodle. I get the message:
"The test (a001_test_1) must be scoreable to be automatically included in the results submitted to SCORM/AICC".
I can't find out how to fix this. Can anyone help me out? Regards, Rene


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    @krixquet 47560 wrote:
    I have this same process in my course and it has always worked, now, out of the blue, I am getting the messsage "must be scoreable to be automatically included in the results submitted to AICC/SCORM. Any ideas?

    Exactly what is happening with mine. I've tried these other fixes.

    A clue may be that I do have 2 tests in the same AU?
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    This just hit me today.

    I created a title using Wizard -> eLearning -> Standared e-Learning Course

    After playing around I could not get Lectora to recognize the title as scorable despite:

    1) Ensuring that all questions had scoring values and the "right" answer selected

    2) The exam behavior had proper pages to goto on Completed/Passed and on Canceled/Failed

    3) The exam Results page had Grade selected and a value of 80% entered

    So, I attempted to recreate the title using Wizard -> eLearning -> Certification Course

    - it worked without issue.

    I then created the same course using Wizard -> Multi-Purpose -> Aqua

    - it had the same issues as the Standard e-Learning Course

    It appears to be a repeatable issue meaning it is probably a code issue with those particular templates in Lectora, or we as the user's of Lectora are expecting the wrong outcomes.
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    A module that is published to SCORM / AICC must be scorable, i.e. it has to tell the LMS the score a user has achieved and whether the course has been passed. This is done by submitting two variables:

    AICC_Score: The variable contains the score a user has achieved as "% of 100", i.e. the variable must contain a number

    AICC_Lesson_Status: The variable tells whether the course has been passed, by submitting "completed" to the LMS

    The most common (and most obvious) way of scoring a module is a test. You set a "Lowest Passing Score", e.g. "80"%. A user then goes through the test and when processing the test, Lectora calculates the score as the percentage of correctly answered questions. By comparing the score with the "Lowest Passing Score", Lectora decides whether the module, i.e. the test, has been passed. During this process Lectora also sets the variable "AICC_Score" to the test score and the variable "AICC_Lesson_Status" to "completed" if the users score in the test is higher or equal to "Lowest Passing Score".

    That means if your module contains a test all necessary variables are modified automatically, because Lectora assumes the test to be the chosen way to set the score and to pass the module. That also means that if you're choosig a template that contains a test the variables are modified automatically.

    If your module doesn't contain a test (whether by choosing a template without test or because you haven't added one) the variables are not modified automatically. That's not a bug or a coding problem, it just means that there is nothing in your module by which Lectora can automatically recognize a score or a passing status. It means you have to add actions to modify these variables, so Lectora knows when to set AICC_Score to a certain value and when to tell the LMS, that the user has "completed" the module. You have to decide at which point in the module the user has achieved a certain score and at which point the user has passed the module. The easiest way is to decide that the user has scored "100" and "completed" the module by adding to actions on the last page:

    On: Show

    Action: Modify variable

    Target. AICC_Score

    Type: Set equal to

    Value: 100

    On: Show

    Action: Modify variable

    Target. AICC_Lesson_Status

    Type: Set equal to

    Value: completed

    The moment the user opens the last page the actions are executed and when closing the course, it submits a score of 100 and tells the LMS that the course has been completed.

    You can also modify the Score several times during the course, e.g. on page 20 / 100 you could

    On: Show

    Action: Modify variable

    Target. AICC_Score

    Type: Set equal to

    Value: 20

    Now the course will tell the LMS that the user has achieved a score of 20 (%).

    You should add a condition:

    Only if "AICC_Score" "less than" "20"

    to make sure the score is not reduced if the user returns to that page and had already achieved a higher score on later pages. As we haven't modified the AICC_Lesson_Status the course will also tell "incomplete".

    You can still modify the variables although there is a test in your module, in case you don't want the test to be a condition for the score or the passing status. If there are two tests in your module and you only want the second test to be relevant for AICC_Score and AICC_Lesson_Status you can remove the first tests score from the "overall score" (i.e. from AICC_Score).

    The default behavior with two tests is that Lectora calculates an average score of both tests results and sets AICC_Score to that "overall score".

    Go to the "Results" tab of the first test and uncheck "Include test score in overall score". Then Lectora will only use the second tests results to modify "AICC_Score". The first test is still scored and you can still react to the score during the module. It's just not calculated into the overall score of the module.

    If you unchecked that for both tests your module would again not contain a "scorable test" and again you'd have to modify these variables yourself.

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    Whether it works or not, thank you for your time to answer this question.

    We have 16 lectora courses and need to create some meaningful reports within Moodle.

    The main thing is how long does users take to complete a course?

    I hope we can retrieve these kinds of data from your guidance.

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    Moodle tracks the time a user spends in the "scorm" activity (cmi.core.total_time). It should be possible to retrieve the time until "completed" if you allowed only one attempt.