Transition Out not working

jjs Community Member Posts: 42


I'm not sure how you are trying to hide the text box, but it sounds like you are trying to do it from Transition tab on the text box. You would need to have a separate action that hides the text box after it appears.  If so, I would do the following:

1.  Create an action group with two actions.  One action shows the text box. The other action hides the text box with a delay of 5 seconds.

2.  In the On Select/Change tab of the checkbox, make the Action: Run Action Group and set the target to the action group you created in step one.

Any transitions you set on the Transition tab of the text box should apply for both show and hide.


JJS said:I've created some text boxes that I have triggered to appear when a check box is selected. In the text box properties dialog box, I have chosen to have the text box disappear after 5 seconds. however, the text box never seems to go away. What am I doing wrong?